Upper School
Student Handbook

The Upper School Student Handbook is designed to provide general guidance for families and students about current Milton Academy student policies, programs, and other information about the school. This Handbook is a fluid document and Milton Academy reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend, delete, or alter any of the contents of this Handbook as necessary. Milton Academy also reserves the right to change its mode of instruction between in-person and remote-learning models at any time and at its sole discretion. If significant changes occur during the academic year, they will be communicated to families.

Dear Students,

Milton Academy’s Upper School Student Handbook is intended to help you and your family understand and navigate the academic, extracurricular and social dynamics of our vibrant school. Milton offers a learning environment where students challenge themselves and others to grow; a place where they pursue their passions in the arts, technology, community engagement, and athletics; and a community where diverse identities are explored and celebrated.

This Handbook provides an overview of life at Milton in the Upper School, beginning with general information about the school, followed by detailed information about academic standards and requirements for graduation. It also includes policies and rules to help you thrive outside the classroom. We expect that all Milton students will act with honesty and integrity; treat others with dignity and respect; maintain a safe and healthy environment; and be positive and cooperative members of the school community; preserving the rights and identities of every member of our school.

Each student and their parents or guardians must read the Upper School Student Handbook every year, whether new or returning to Milton. The school must receive a signed acknowledgement prior to the beginning of each academic year stating that you and your parents or guardians agree to abide by the Handbook. If you have any questions about the Handbook, please reach out to a member of the Deans’ Office.


José Ruiz
Dean of Students

Heather Sugrue
Academic Dean